“Simplifying the customer experience actually creates more loyalty, referrals spot weldingand goodwill than trying to be overly creative.”
—Kevin Rains, owner, Center City Collision and Precision Frame & Body

Our lives are filled with busyness now more than ever, from making sure our kids get to school or on the bus, to running to some kind of after school activities, preparing dinner and the list goes on! Then, if you’ve been involved in an auto accident, it can be a huge inconvenience to our everyday lives.

At Aerco auto body shop in Eau Claire, WI, we realize this can often be a reality. You need to call your insurance, call a tow truck, and then if you’ve never worked with an auto body shop, try to figure out which one to go to, check reviews, ask your friends and coworkers, WHEW! Overwhelming. Here at Aerco, we try to keep all of these things in mind and take all these things off your plate so you can quickly get back to your life knowing after that initial call to our auto body shop, we can take it from there. We have a large fleet of replacement cars so even if you don’t have rental coverage, we will take care of that for you, as we work with every insurance carrier out there at all times and once a claim is started, we can follow the claim through to the end so you don’t have to worry. With continuous updates on the repair process, we make sure you feel good about your choice with Aerco.

As leaders in the auto body shop industry, we have invested heavily in top-notch technicians that are trained to complete vehicle repairs to the most stringent of standards so when you have your vehicle returned, you can feel good knowing your family will be as safe as ever, if something should happen again. Our goal at our auto body shop is always to go above and beyond to ensure that the whole process is as seamless and painless as possible.

If you’re interested in how Aerco’s convenient and effortless auto body shop experience is similar to owner Kevin Rains’ Center City Collision and Precision Frame & Body shop, read his complete article here.